More than100 years

That's the total number of years of experience you get when you add all of our employees together. For the last 14 years, developing our staff experience has been one of our priorities. This isn't just something we say – it's something we do. After starting operation as logistics cost optimisation partners in 2003, we began offering covered wagons rentals just one year later and, since 2006, we've managed a private fleet of covered wagons – one of the first in the Eastern and North Eastern European regions.

One fifthof the world

Every day, our operations touch more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We are a global company with a team of 20 experienced logistics service specialists who are constantly searching for the very best solutions.

A teamof professionals

Qualified and highly professional employees are the foundation of a competitive business. A unified workforce that knows its work inside-out is the most difficult competitive advantage to replicate and is one of the cornerstones of our success.

Thehighest quality

We guarantee: the quality of our services, the excellent condition of our own covered wagons, the best match between price and logistical solution, cargo safety, and the timely delivery of cargo at its destination. Our company has ISO9001 status and technical supervisor certificates. This is the highest objective international confirmation, which proves that we can back up our guarantees.