We offer multi-modal logistical solutions linking Eastern and Western markets.

We provide comprehensive multimodal transportation, customs mediation and warehousing services. We perform terminal operations based on each cargo type.
Enclosed covered wagons are one of the most widely-used means of transporting industrial cargo. This type of container is ideally suited for cargo that must be protected from the elements, damage and theft.
This covered wagon is known for its special construction (an enlarged body made of solid metal, hatches and doors), which is perfect for loading and unloading cargo. It is often used to transport singular, non-standard or loose cargo, cargo that  must not get wet, and dangerous cargo (lacquer, paint, fire extinguishers, etc.).
We offer the following covered wagon models: 11-270  (122 m3 ), 11-280 (138 m3 ), 11-7038 (150 m3 ) ir 11-1807-01 (158 m3 ), 11-2135-01 (161m3).


capacity: 122 m3


capacity: 138 m3


capacity: 150 m3


capacity: 158 m3


capacity: 161 m3
Carcarrying wagons
An autorack is a specialised piece of covered wagon used to transport vehicles by rail. The vehicles are loaded onto the covered wagon's two levels and secured using wheel wedges. The autorack's interior is designed to load vehicles and protect them from mechanical damage and theft.
We offer the following autorack models: 11-1804, 11-287 ir 11-9772.

11-1804 Azovmash

11-287 Altay-wagon

11-9772 Promtraktor

Fitting platforms 13-9924

These platforms are used to transport timber as well as long, loose or composite cargo, wheeled and tracked equipment, cargo containers, and equipment that is resistant to precipitation. The platforms are produced in accordance with Category I UHL climate standards based on GOST 15150.




The majority of the transportation services we provide using (secured) platforms involve universal cargo containers, machines and equipment, heavy equipment or heavy structures. We present the platforms for loading at the time indicated to the location desired by the client, after which we deliver the cargo to the required location.
We operate three types of platforms and cargo containers. All of the platforms can be of three different lengths: 40 feet, 60 feet or 80 feet.

20-foot DV

40-foot DV

40-foot HC