We are proud of our growth: we are expanding our range of services, increasing of our fleet of covered wagons and expanding across geographic frontiers. Our cost optimisation is a never-ending process.
Development innew markets
Between 2016 and 2020, we aim to expand into the USA and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan) and strengthen our positions in the Middle East and China.

Our goal is a “LW Group” - a global company that can help countries and companies from every region around the world work together.
2003 Forming relationships with new logistical partners
2004 Providing covered wagons fleet rental services
2006 One of the first in the CIS with its own fleet of covered wagons
2014 Exceeded the 1,000 units of covered wagons a month mark within 30 days
Constant growth in thescope of our operations
We are progressively expanding our operations and increasing the amount of cargo we transport. Our goal is to reach 2000 shipping container operations per month in 2018. At the same time, we will invest in the renewal and development of our covered wagons fleet.

We want to be a company that is attractive and accessible to the client through our efficiency, innovation and simplicity.
2015 Began shipping container transportation
2015 Received ISO9001 certification
2016 Received technical supervisor certification
2016 Exceeded the 500 shipping containers a month mark