These platforms are used to transport timber as well as long, loose or composite cargo, wheeled and tracked equipment, cargo containers, and equipment that is resistant to precipitation. The platforms are produced in accordance with Category I UHL climate standards based on GOST 15150.
Load capacity:With equally distributed load
72 t.
Load capacity:With equally distributed 3 m
45 t.
Load capacity:With equally distributed 4.3 m
60 t.
Tare weight (maximum)
22 t.
Maximum speed
120 km/h
GOST 9238
Platform base
9720 mm
Axle length
14620 mm
Platform frame length
13400 mm
Platform width
2870 mm
Platform width (maximum)
3140 mm
Height from top of rail to floor (minimum)
1340 mm
Two platformed model
18-9875 (GOST 9246-2004)
Single axle load
23,5 ts
Lengthwise sideboard number
8 vnt.
Transverse sideboard number Floor width
2 vnt.
Floor width
38,45 m2