Our goal is to remain a leader by having solutions ready to roll while other firms are still only discussing them. To these ends, we offer a number of types of cargo transport and end-to-end service from loading to unloading. We choose the best transportation method based on the type of cargo, the loading and unloading points, the countries being traversed and the delivery period. We always drive down the client's costs because that's what we've done from the very start.

Unlimitedtransportation capabilities

A wide range of paths that stretch across Europe, the Middle East and the Far East  to fulfill our clients' needs.

We're constantly expanding our coverage and our fleet of covered wagons and we offer a wide array of cargo transportation capabilities: rail, road and sea. We are a bridge between East and West – we offer offer wide opportunities for cooperation. A number of logistics specialists with covered wagons and containers at their disposal have become universal partners, so we work with those who need to transport cargo as well as those who organise cargo transportation. Our flexibility is brilliant when it comes to filling gaps in routes that cross land and sea. As a result, we are a partner of choice for maritime companies.

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