We support entrepreneurship and invest inour most important resource – our children.

We've decided to contribute to the development of children and young people in Lithuania and around the world and care about their education and health. We decided to support sports that do not yet have deep roots but that are loved by children and young people because we want to encourage exercise and we believe that the most popular sports already receive enough attention. In addition, we use individual events to contribute to the intellectual development of young people by financing educational literature.
We believe that business success is inseparable from the need to contribute to the development and growth of society and general wellbeing, which is why we participate in a variety of projects. Only socially responsible commercial activity can ensure the future of our country and our company.
We want future generations to be healthy and smart so that they can continue the work we've started. By supporting various children's sports, we believe that children will spend their time profitably and avoid harmful activities. This is something we must all work on.

Our support recipients:

  • Lithuanian Billiards Association for the Disabled
  • Karatė Sports Club
  • Bolderaja Children and Youth Centre (Latvia)
  • Vilnius Tennis Academy
  • Vaikai Stebuklais Auga Charitable Foundation
  • Lithuanian Geographical Teachers' Association
  • Lithuanian Equestrian Charitable Foundation
  • Civinskai Stables
  • the Catholic Church
  • St. Teresa's family
  • the Lithuanian Free Market Institute