Covered four-axle versatile wagon able to accommodate 160 cubic metres and 67 tons of cargo.
Load capacity
67 t.
Tare mass
27 t.
Maximum calculated statistical rail load
230,5 kN (23,5 ts)
Maximum speed
120 km/h
GOST 9238 - 1-T
Covered wagon base
14120 mm
Length: Connections at end of covered wagon
18860 mm
Length: Rear beam frames
17700 mm
Maximum width
3289 mm
GOST 9246 carriage
type 2
Internal cabin dimension
17699x2760x3384 mm
Number of doors
4 vnt.
Number of ventilation openings in side w
4 vnt.
Number of openings on roof
2 vnt
Door width
4150x2769 mm
Exterior wall hatch
614x365 mm
Cabin volume
160 m3